12 Year Old Purportedly Shoots & Kills Man In Vinton

The original press release put out by the Vinton Police Department seen below is pretty vague but the community and family of the man shot fills in the blanks.

NEWS RELEASE: Vinton, VA – On September 16, 2020, at approximately 2:15 PM, the Vinton Police Department was dispatched to a private residence in the 500 block of Chestnut St. in the Town of Vinton in reference to a malicious wounding. Additional 911 calls were also received reporting that someone had been shot. Upon arrival, responding officers located one male with critical injuries. Vinton Police officers are currently on scene investigating the incident. We do not believe there is any immediate threat to the community regarding this incident.

Photo of man shot and killed – Carlos (Los) Jones

There was no “immediate threat to the community” because the police learned right away that the shooter was purportedly a 12 year old boy that shot and killed his mother’s boyfriend. The man shot has been identified as 29-year-old Carlos (Los) Jones. People close to the scene and part of the investigation stated that Carlos Jones was at the home of his “girlfriend” allegedly “Beating Her Up” and the 12 year old son of the women purportedly shot and killed 29-year-old Carlos Jones.

The home where the tragedy happened is located on the 500 block of Chestnut Street behind Vinton Computers (Across The Street From Famous Anthony’s).

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the man’s family and to the young boy involved in this tragic and traumatizing situation.

8 Replies to “12 Year Old Purportedly Shoots & Kills Man In Vinton

  1. Prayers for the victims family and friends. Prayers for the young man involved in the shooting and to his mother. This is such a sad thing to happen. I’m not in any way condoning what the 12 year old boy did. It was wrong. However, when I was his age, if some man was beating on my mom, I’d do the same thing that he did! Absolutely I would shoot them dead and let them fall where they may!!!!

  2. If he was beating his mom the little boy done the right thing God bless him been there done that thank God for my son at one time for saving my life

  3. This article should not read “12 Year Old Purportedly Shoots & Kills Man In Vinton.” This headline leads readers to believe that the 12 year old was harmful. HOWEVER, the headline should read “Child saves mothers from abuser!”

    you have a obligation to readers, to deliver the correct news. You also have a obligation to protect children!


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