2 Employees At Dollar General Near Vinton Test Positive For Covid-19

Dollar General located at 2312 Orange Ave NE (Behind Dairy Queen) has a sign posted that they will be closing today (10-8-2020) at 6PM (4 hours earlier than normal). When we asked an employee why they where closing early they said there was an issue with the store involving COVID-19. The employee who wished to remain anonymous said that 2 coworkers at that location have tested positive for COVID-19 (Coronavirus).

On 10/7/2020 a day prior to us being told about the issue, we noticed that the store was closed in the middle of regular business hours. It is unclear if the store closed that day due to the illness of the 2 employees.

There are Local cases of COVID-19 All over the Roanoke Valley and many businesses have been affected in recent weeks. It is important to remember that regardless of your beliefs in the seriousness of COVID-19, that it exists and Is a real illness that no one wants to be infected with. Keeping up with hand washing, sanitizer, and social distancing is a good practice.

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