Rumors Of Covid-19 At Vinton VA Mcdonalds Spreading On Social Media

Final Update 6-9-2020 : The owner and operator of this McDonalds Location Mr. Lewis got back with us and gave us confirmation that yes an employee has in fact tested positive for Covid-19. Mr. Lewis said that once they learned that the employee had tested positive for Covid-19, he and his management team immediately took the employee off the work schedule, contacted the local Health Department as required , and started a thorough deep cleaning on the inside and outside of the establishment. Lewis told us that Mcdonalds has a 59+ page manual written on how to handle covid-19 issues including what to do in the event an employee is infected, and they followed all of the guidelines in the manual and beyond. Lewis also cleared up conflicting statements from the managers saying that the 1st manager (John) we spoke with had been with him for 4 years and has acted according to the strict guidelines in regards to dealing with an employee infection. The 2nd “Manager” (Geoffrey) is what they call an area manager as in a specific area of the restaurant (the kitchen), and is not an actual head manager. You can see Geoffrey’s responses from facebook below. This McDonalds takes extra steps to protect its customers and employees including employee temperature checks, facemasks for all workers, gloves and glove changes when necessary, drive-thru window shields, proper sanitation and disinfection practices, and food is not handled by someone that comes in contact with possible outside contamination. This Mcdonalds location is regarded by many as one of the cleanest, most friendly, organized and professional in the region. Mr. Lewis has done a great job in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

We would like to thank Mr. Lewis for is service and swift action in dealing with the issue, and our thoughts and prayers are with the employee and his family. -VintonVoice

Current guidance from the Food and Drug Administration states that “there is no evidence to suggest that food produced in the United States can transmit COVID-19.

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