Joe Goodpies Vinton VA Review

As one of my first public reviews of a local restaurant I decided to give Joe Goodpies in Vinton VA a try. I will first point out I did not even order Pizza (A Pie) from them yet and will review the Pizza later.

I placed a to-go order with them and was in the mood for Wings and a Cheese Steak Sandwich and my dinner partner wanted a simple submarine sandwich. We placed the order and I thought the prices were a little elevated compared to their competition in the area. I figured maybe it was worth the 25% or so more in price so I did not think much of it. Prices are not astronomical but they are a little higher than other establishments like the (I’m unsure of pizza prices but will find out later).

The to go order took about 25 minutes to prepare which is pretty good timing on their part. The food gets carted back to my house and I open the containers and the Garlic Parmesan wings look good and juicy and delicious and my cheese steak sub (I will not say Philly because that would be an insult to Philly) looked a little weak as in it was mostly bread and dry meat. The submarine sandwich looked ok but the cold cheese on it reminded me of cheap off brand cheese you would get at a local 7-11 at midnight on a Tuesday.

The fist bite of the Garlic Parm. Wings was disappointing to say the least. They were undercooked a bit and the skin on the wings had a rubbery chewy like feel to them. The seasoning lacked and zing that would light up your taste buds. I dove in to another wing or two and realized I could not eat them so I moved over to my “Lack Of Cheese Dry Steak Meat Sandwich” (cheese steak sub). This thing was basically bread and dry meat I literally had to tear half of the top layer of bread off to bite in to some meat. It was not good. I would have to say that the entire meal was as if you were sitting at home and 2 strangers named Ron and Karen came to your door and gave you a meal they cooked at home with cheap ingredients. Have you ever had food at someone’s house you didn’t know well and the food just tasted like a strangers food and grossed you out a bit? That is what this was like.

I can’t say all of their food or pizza is bad. I can only say the wings were cold, undercooked (Not Raw), and the cheese steak was just a bland dry meat sandwich. Maybe they will live up to their name and impress me with their Pizza “Pies” or maybe they are actually “Joe Goopies” and not Joe Goodpies. We shall see.

I give them 2 out of 5 stars and that is because I love Vinton and want Joe Goodpies to contribute to the local economy.

Step up your game a bit Mr. Joe – Vinton loves to support local, don’t make it hard on us.

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  1. Decided to give Joes Goodpies in Vinton a try tonight. We were seated outside with 5 or 6 other tables. We were in the middle, the two tables behind us were empty. Then the those two tables were seated. The waiter came past our table and got drinks for those two tables, brought drinks and got their food order. The waiter for the tables on the other came out several times. After 20 mins, and no waiter, I went inside and told hostess, I thought had been overlooked. Went back to table and another 5 or 6 mins still no service. We got up and left.

  2. Just got a order to go from Joe good pies in Vinton. Should’ve checked it before I left but one whole entrée was not in the bag. I called them and told them I would be by to pick it up. They had it ready but were rude and I was asked not to return to the restaurant for something that was not my fault. Get your order right people I had to make a trip all the way back from blue Ridge.

  3. Food was mediocre. I had a salad and pizza. What I can’t get around however is the lack of cleanliness all the way around. Just walking in, the windows were dirty which sorta sends a message right off the bat, “we don’t care”. Our drinks came in the red cups which you could see lip prints all the way around it. Took my fork out, guess what, dirty. Upon leaving my husband went to the bathroom and reported it was unclean and nothing in there worked. No soap, no paper towels, one water spout didn’t even work. If not for the uncleanliness, I’d probably go back, but I can’t take dirty, especially during the times were in.

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