Will Rays Unlimited Tanning Have A Bright Future?

A Vinton tanning salon that has been around for almost 30 years closed it’s doors March 20th 2020 and announced it would be closed for a couple of weeks due to covid. They remain closed over a year later even after other popular Vinton tanning salons opened back up. Many customers were left wondering if they would reopen and what would become of the prepayments they paid to Rays Unlimited Tanning Salon.

Well, after a year of wondering most customers jumped over to another local tanning salon and gave up on this once thriving tanning hotspot. Recently Rays Unlimited Tanning made a post on their Facebook page that says “Under New Ownership!…mark your calendars for our grand opening on Monday 5/24/2021… More Details To Come” With an important note that reads: Important to note: All previously purchased packages and sessions under previous ownership will be honored for customers.” (See Below)

The only problem Rays Unlimited might face is many of their customers have moved on to another well known tanning salon and don’t intend on going back to Ray’s. Many say frustration and lack of communication from Rays during their closure contributes to the decision, although Rays posted a few updates on their Facebook page over the year of being closed, they were not informative says a paying customer who has a balance at the salon. Others say the beds at the new locations they use are better than the ones they used at Rays.

Hopefully the new ownership can rebuild the business and continue to thrive in Vinton. The new owners seem to have implied that the old staff will not be at the location working (Source: Facebook).

If the new owners would like to add to this information or if you have info or comments leave a comment below.

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