Video: Families Parade To Visit Berkshire Rehabilitation Center In Vinton

Family & Friends Organize Parade To Visit Loved Ones At Berkshire Rehabilitation Center In Vinton VA

On April 28th loved ones of family that are being cared for by the Berkshire Rehabilitation Center in Vinton VA organized a drive-thru parade to visit and add smiles to the faces of seniors that are isolated without visitors due to the COVID-19 Virus threat. (VIDEO BELOW COURTESY OF Charnika Elliot’s Facebook)

This afternoon we participated in a parade with other family and friends who have relatives as a resident at Berkshire Rehabilitation Center. It was an overflow of people. I couldn’t get footage of all the cars. It broke my heart seeing my grandmother and the other residents sitting on the sidewalks anticipating their families driving by. My grandmother was happy but also looked sad. She asked us to come in and see her and I told her we couldn’t. She doesn’t understand why we can’t visit. It truly crushed my heart. 

Source Public Facebook Post by Charnika P. Elliott 

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