Vinton VA Police Help Rescue Baby Opossums

Here is a bit of warm and fuzzy news that will give you a break from all of the unsettling news in the world.

The Vinton Police Department posted on their public facebook page today and shared pictures of a litter of baby Opossums that the helped “round up” and rescue. Here is the text of their post and a link to their facebook page:

Check out these cute little babies. A caring citizen found them after their mother passed away. Vinton Police helped her gather them all to keep safe until she was able to turn them over to the Roanoke Wildlife Rescue Center.

About Baby Opossums and how any babies an Opossum Can Have Per Litter

A female opossum gives birth to helpless young as tiny as honeybees. Babies immediately crawl into the mother’s pouch, where they continue to develop. As they get larger, they will go in and out of the pouch and sometimes ride on the mother’s back as she hunts for food. Opossums may give birth to as many as 20 babies in a litter, but fewer than half of them survive. Some never even make it as far as the pouch.


Thank you to the person that discovered these babies and to the Vinton Police for helping out! Follow the Vinton Police On Facebook: vintonpoliceva

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