Vinton VA Residents Report Recent Break-ins

There are always thefts in any city or town and Vinton VA is no exception! There have been numerous reports of automobiles and storage sheds being broken into, opened, and robbed of items and valuables. Vinton is a small community compared to most so it is important that we as members of the Vinton VA community keep an eye out for each other. If you see anything suspicious report it by calling 911.

The recent wave of car and storage shed break-ins and thefts have recently been mentioned and discussed on the popular

One resident on April 4th 2020 says: “Last night my next door neighbor’s car was broken into off of West Cleveland Avenue in Vinton. Just giving everyone a heads up to keep their valuables out of their car, windows rolled up, car alarms on and car doors locked who live in the area.”

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Another Post Says: Anyone in the vinton area with unlocked sheds or anything make sure they are secure because within the last couple days someone decided to go in ours and take our new electric craftsman weed eater and our worx chainsaw along with some other odds and ends like brad nailer and sander and stuff… and if you see any of these items for sale or anything please let me know… there’s a ryobi wood carver, ryobi corner sander, Brad nailer, craftsman weed eater, worx chain saw, circular sander missing the dust bag… Thanks in advance!!

Facebook Post on 🚸Roanoke Checkpoint Warnings & community Hazards🚸

There have been many posts about this topic on facebook and these crimes have been reported to the Vinton Police Dept. – It is important that the community here in Vinton saty informed about small and big crimes in the area. The local media doesn’t see these crimes as news worthy but we at the New Vinton Voice do! If you have had any crime issues you would like us to publish please contact us..

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