Vehicle Drives Through Roanoke/Salem Pancake House On Apperson Drive

SUV Crashes Through A Pancake House In Salem VA

The pancake house on Apperson Drive In the Roanoke/Salem area (1840 Apperson Drive, Salem VA) was closed at 1:30 AM on the very early morning of June 23rd when an SUV drove right through the building! One of our readers sent us this pictures of a Towing company out of Roanoke which was identified as Cold hearted Towing & Recovery pulling the vehicle from the destroyed building. The towing company which also operates Star Valley Towing in Roanoke VA was unable to comment on the situation and they cited privacy concerns when we asked about the accident.

It is unclear what caused the SUV to ram the building so hard and why they hit the closed establishment (at 1 AM in the morning) in the first place. The vehicle appears to be a silver or grey colored Trailblazer SUV. One can only assume that is was an accident unless the driver was having a hankering for some flapjacks at 1AM.

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